The Dawson Springs Panther Golf team beat another team on Thursday at a match in Trigg County.

Trigg County High School hosted a match between Trigg, Christian County, Hopkinsville, University Heights and Dawson Springs at Arrowhead Golf Course at Lake Barkley State Resort Park.

Trigg County won the match with a score of 155. Hopkinsville was 2nd with 160. Christian County finished 3rd and had 166 strokes.

Dawson Springs beat UHA by one point. The Panthers shot 195 to the Blazers's 196.

The medalist was Hopkinsville golfer James Folz, who shot a 35.

The top Panther was freshman Gage Smiley with 46 stokes. Sophomore Addison Whalen was a stroke behind. Senior Ethan Huddleston shot a 48, while junior Carlton McCuiston finished with 54. Senior Trey Blanchard had 60 strokes.

Maddie Huddleston, a sophomore on the girls team, earned an individual score of 55.

The Panthers faced the Blazers again on Monday evening when UHA traveled to Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park for a match.

The boys lost 199-169. Weston Wood from UHA was the medalist. He shot a 38. The Blazers had only three boys so they used a seventh-grade girl, Conlee Lindsey, to fill the spot. She shot a 44 from the boy's tees.

Addison was the top Panther male golfer on the day with 48 strokes. Gage was one behind, and Ethan was one behind him. Carlton shot a 52 and Harrison Davis finished with 60 strokes. Those scores counted to the total.

Other scores for the Panther boys were senior Brennen Cunningham with a 48, Trey with 54, Toby Stevens with 62, Grayson Brewer with 50 and Ben Bivins with 74.

For the girls, Maddie shot a 47 and Brylee Spurlin had 68.

"Our team just isn't able to put a complete 9-hole round together," said Coach Scott Dillingham. "... The girls are struggling with getting in a funk with bad shots including shanks."

On Tuesday, golfers from every high school in Hopkins County competed in the county match.

Madisonville-North Hopkins won with 164. Hopkins County Central was up next with 172. The Panthers had 198.

The medalist was North's Jackson Hill, who had 37 strokes. Trae Barber, for the Storm, got his team's lowest score with 40.

Gage shot a 46, the best for the Panthers. Addison had 48. Ethan finished with 50. Carlton had 54, and both Brennen and Harrison shot 61s.

"Gage played pretty well, but was fortunate to have two 'hole-outs' which really helped him overcome some bad shots," Dillingham said. "Ethan and Carlton have been pretty steady with their scores but they need to each trim about four strokes off."

Coach said he hopes Addison can bring his scores back down to the low to mid-40s. When the team makes those adjustments, he said he could see the team scores being in the 180s, and "their coach would be very happy to see that."

For the girls, Maddie shot a 54 and Brylee had a 59. North's Kaitlyn Zeiba earned medalist honors with her score of 37. Central's top female golfer, McKenzie Lynch, shot a 56.

The girl golfers face Muhlenberg County today at the Central City Country Club. On Friday, the team will host Christian Fellowship in a match at the senior citizens center. The Panthers play host again on Monday when the Rebels of Todd County Central come to visit. The team hosts Hopkins County Central on Thursday at Pennyrile.