Dawson pic

The Dawson Springs Panthers practice on their upgraded floor before the start of the season. Dawson Springs also installed live streaming capabilities just in time for the upcoming basketball season.

Even though Dawson Springs will limit the amount of people allowed to come through the doors this basketball season, the school will debut some upgrades to the gym when games finally get going next month.

The most prominent feature will be the brand new court design on the floor that the Panthers and Lady Panthers will be on this winter.

“The last time we redid our floor was the year of the ice storm so that was around 2009,” Dawson Springs Athletic Director Rhonda Simpson said. “We maintained the floor every year, but we haven’t done anything major to the floor since then.”

The old floor was sanded down and a new, more modern design was painted in its place. Inside the center circle and the 3-point arcs are stained to make the wood a darker color while the rest of the court has a more natural finish with a panther head on each side. The area where players will inbound the ball is painted in purple. The overall cost of the make over was not disclosed.

The players are enjoying the new floor through early practices.

“I’m loving the new floor,” senior Landon Cline said. “It looks sweet, it grips real good. Everyone likes it, gives a different energy around here. The fans have been loving the new look and they’ve been posting about it on Facebook and things like that.”

Along with the new floor, Dawson recently installed a NFHS live streaming camera in their gym so they will be able to broadcast their games over the internet starting this season.

“We installed the camera just this week,” Simpson said. “So fans can watch from home if they pay a subscription fee. If fans don’t feel comfortable coming out because of COVID, they can watch from their house.”

Simpson said that she will release details on how to access Dawson Springs basketball games on the NFHS network after the system gets up and running. Madisonville North Hopkins and Hopkins County Central will also have live streaming capabilities starting in the fall of 2021.

Future upgrades to the Dawson Springs gym will be new banners and region championship photos including their most recent region championship in cross country, which Dawson earned this past fall.