Truth and Consequences, a program designed to help students learn more about real-life scenarios, will be at Dawson Springs Independent Schools at 8:15 a.m. Dec. 19.

In 2016 in Panther Gym, each student was given a piece of paper with a typed scenario that dealt with a substance abuse problem. They were also given a list of four agency booths to visit to learn about the consequences of their actions in their individual scenario. At each booth, the student would learn about fines and fees associated with their actions.

An example: "As a math teacher was leaving school, he caught you selling a small bag containing a white substance. Further investigation revealed that it was an illegal drug. The principal turned you over to the police."

The student assigned that scenario would first visit the law enforcement booth, one of the booths set up around the upper level of the gym.

The next booth to visit was the attorney booth, where the student learned about hiring attorneys, court costs and process, and likelihood of jail time.

Guilt or innocence is often determined by a judge, which would be the next stop on the student's list.

Often, judge's require that drug offenders seek treatment for substance-abuse issues should that be applicable.

Volunteers from area treatment centers and facilities -- the final booth for the student -- were on hand in 2016 to tell the students about their options.

No matter the scenario, there were realistic consequences to scenarios that have actually happened.

The program started at the University of Kentucky's Cooperative Extension Service and has been offered at Madisonville-North Hopkins, Madisonville Central and Webster County high schools.

Booths in 2016 included judge, attorney, law enforcement, coroner, school resource officer, medical workers, jailers, social workers and probation officers, Department of Juvenile Justice, school board, health department, ministers, interventionists, pharmacists, and therapy and treatment providers.

All high-schoolers are invited to participate in the event, organized and coordinated through the Family Resource and Youth Service Center.