Dear Editor,

I missed seeing last week’s paper until today (Oct. 23) or I would have written sooner. I was reading Mr. Parlon Abbott’s ad for his mayoral candidacy in the Progress. I was saddened to see that he thinks the Code Enforcement Board is doing “evil work.” I serve on that board, and we are all volunteers, except for our Code Enforcement Officer. The purpose of the board is to try to get our city cleaned up so that the owners of prospective businesses might want to move here with their families, and also so that our citizens have a safe, clean, attractive place to live.

We are well aware that there are some people who are not financially or physically able to mow their grass or repair their homes. We would like to find some volunteers that might be willing to help these people out. We are not rubbing our hands together in glee every time someone is handed a citation. But Mr. Rawley cannot pick and choose who to cite, for obvious reasons. Most of the property owners that are cited just need to mow their grass and remove junk from their property (or not put it there to begin with) but many ignore the citations and fines. We are not out to gain property for the city. The city does not have the money to maintain properties, and is not in the property business!

Also, anyone who does not agree with their citation or fine is welcome, and encouraged, to come before the board to explain their side in a hearing. They deserve their say; the meetings are open to the public. Very few of them take advantage of this. And it pains me to think that the time and work we put in is looked on as evil or bullying poor people.

Please, if you have a problem with the board, let Mr. Rawley know you want a hearing, and we will listen to you.

Becky Solomon,

Code Enforcement Board Records Officer

Written Oct. 23