Hey y’all! Welcome to the Opinion page. Here you will see various viewpoints — sometimes conflicting — on one page.

Just as a community is made up of different people with different backgrounds, this page reflects the opinions of different people and different backgrounds.

The Opinion page serves as a display of various opinions. Content is placed on the page to help start conversations. Many of the opinions are based on facts. Some are based on feelings or some other variable.

The Opinion page is meant for opinions.

But the rest of this newspaper is facts, observations and information. Although coverage is far from perfect, the content aims to be fair and accurate.

I read articles on Facebook. I also make sure the article links are from a viable source.

I read an article this week about a study done by the Pew Research Center. I enjoy going to the website and seeing what they’ve found since my last visit. The Pew Center is honest about how it retrieved its results and it’s a respectable institution.

One of the recent studies showed that many Americans can’t distinguish the difference between fact and opinion. Many TV news stories and Internet content become convoluted with various opinions and agenda.

The Pew website even has a quiz you can take to see how well you can spot opinion statements or factual statements. I scored 100 percent.

I urge you to take the quiz at http://www.pew

research.org/quiz/news-statements-quiz/. If you don’t have Internet access or you need help with the quiz, call me at 270-797-3271; I will be glad to help.

The results should open the eyes of those who don’t score well. It’s important to not only read and view and listen to articles with similar opinions of yours, but it’s even more important to learn about other viewpoints. It will make a person more well-rounded and better informed.

The Opinion page and the rest of this newspaper have spots available for reader submissions. Is it fact or opinion?


On Saturday, I was able to attend my third Miss Dawson Springs pageant.

This year, the grand prize money was big and there were 10 contestants, the most since I started working here.

Last year, six girls competed. That’s a fact. In 2016, 4 signed up, but I think only 3 participated.

The pageant was great. There was entertainment, an emcee and 10 beautiful young women. It was a great night and I hope the pageant continues to grow. That’s an opinion. The pageant is now put on by the Professional Women’s Club of Dawson Springs. And after Saturday night, Sloane Parker joined the Miss Dawson Springs club. Here are past winners as documented by Progress staffers before me: