The 2018 general election is gone. Whew.

I know many candidates who are relieved its reached its end. Some candidates are happy with the results, while others are not. I’m pretty sure most would agree that they are glad campaigning is over.

I am not a candidate, but I am elated that the election is over. I am very thankful for the candidates who spoke to me throughout their campaigns. I am grateful for those who answered our questionnaire and for those who advertised with this newspaper.

Election Day is always a late day of work for those who work in newspapers. The time crunch makes the night stressful and your math skills have to be quick and on point.

 I checked my math with the county clerk’s office and it’s accurate. However, many advertisements and statements made in the questionnaires were not accurate. I strive for accuracy and I do mess up, but I am thankful accuracy won in these local races. Now we can rest.