It has happened. One of my children woke up to get ready for school and said, "Why is it still dark outside?"

I didn't have a good answer for him. Most of my life, my favorite thing has been sunlight so when this time of year comes around, it's rough. The dark makes me want to sleep and makes me feel as if I can get no more done. And it's more difficult to get the kids out of bed.

I know at this point that I am just complaining about the cold that is yet to come, but I go on.

This time of year means I must pack up my light, bright dresses of summer and replace them with thick coats and leggings. My flat hair will soon become a static-y mess and my flip flops will now remain indoors (maybe).

But there are some positives to the weather cooling off.

Bonfires. I love the smell and warmth of the fire, and I do like hanging out with my family around the pit.

Less sports traveling for the kids, more for the editor mom. I've grown to really enjoy watching the young folks play basketball. I still personally don't know how to play, but I get really into the games. It gives me an escape from the desk life. And my kids will be playing youth league so there's also that. This will be the first year my oldest will be out of the fundamental league so we will still travel, but not like we do with soccer or baseball.

The holidays. Preparing for the holidays can stress this momma out, but moreso it can get my creative juices flowing. I enjoy selecting a Halloween costume related to pop culture. One year, I was Flo from the Progressive commercials, another year I was the Chiquita banana lady. We will see what I come up with this year. I also like cooking up new dishes. I have recently completed my goal of 50 pounds lost, and I am eager to try new low-carb recipes for the family. For Christmas, Tommy and I prefer to give our kids and family members experience-style gifts that we can enjoy throughout the year and we have some great ideas. There will also a few material items sure to bring smiles. The spirit of Jesus is in full swing and nothing is more special than celebrating that.

And if I have to like the cold weather, I guess I can get through the winter with cute coats and boots because that usually means shopping!


I attended my first band show on Oct. 5. It was a little toasty that day, but I loaded up my two oldest children, Tripp and Clark, and we went a mile or so from our house to the Stadium of Champions in Hopkinsville for the Christian County band competition.

The Dawson Springs High School Marching Band was set to perform at 12:30 p.m. The band did well and competitors who followed were much larger bands. There was a lot of whooping and hollering for the Panthers from the stands. Great job, band! I hope to attend more next year.

The Stadium was hopping that day as there was also a softball tournament going on. I love the stadium because that's where I played soccer in high school and where I attended football games on Friday nights.

Tommy and I took the kids to the Hopkinsville-Logan County football game and they were able to see an excellent Tiger victory. The next week, we saw the Tiger girls play district soccer. Despite their loss, they moved on to regionals. They won Monday against top-seed Lyon County, 7-1. I sure am proud. Current head coach Jeff Addison became the head coach when I was a senior after he was assistant coach for many years.