The Oscars were held Sunday evening and WalletHub released a report on the 2020 Oscars. Here are some notes from the report:

$44M: Total cost of Oscars ceremony

$10M: Cost of the look for an A-list actress attending the Oscars

$2.6M+: Cost of a 30-second commercial during the Oscars telecast (54% less than the Super Bowl)

$24.7K: Cost of the 16,500-square-foot Oscars red carpet

$400: Current value of the 24-karat gold-plated Oscar statuette

3rd time: The Oscar telecast did not have a host

Shop until you … drop? survey reveals 1 in 3 Kentuckians consider shopping a form of exercise!

Kentuckians polled say the furthest distance they could run without stopping is 0.14 miles.

16.2% say they are out of breath after running for public transport.

Fitness levels are only 46% of what they could be.

1 in 5 would rather take the elevator than walk up one flight of stairs.

Feb. 9-14 is National Marriage Week and in lieu of Valentine’s Day on Friday, Kentucky was found by QuoteWizard by Lending Tree analysts to have one of the biggest rate decreases in divorces over the last decade.

Kentucky has had a 23.91% decrease in divorce rates over the last 10 years, making it the 10th best rate decrease of divorces in the country.

Kentucky’s marriage rates have also decreased by 10.53% in that same time period.

Kentucky’s marriage rate in 2009 was 7.6%. In 2018 it was 6.8%.

Kentucky’s divorce rate in 2009 was 4.6%. In 2018 it was 3.5%.

Nationally, the marriage rate has decreased by 7.74% over the last 10 years.

Nationally, divorce rates on the decline by 19.55% over the last 10 years.