It is officially cold. There’s been frost on my car, I’ve got static in my hair and I have busted out my thick coat.

Although I feel like our four seasons are moving to just two, we were lucky enough to get a few nice fall days. The result is breathtaking: the fall foliage is incredibly beautiful. Soon the leaves will fall and so will the snow and ice. I’m not making a prediction; it’s just likely going to happen at some point in the upcoming winter.

With wintertime comes treacherous driving conditions. Heck, with fall there are rough road conditions with deer popping out from every direction.

Don’t make Kentuckians look bad by not knowing how to drive in the snow.

I will take AAA’s tips and make them ultra-simple. Don’t drive too close to others. Turn off your cruise control. Go slow. Don’t slam those brakes. Bridges are slicker. Be alert.

AAA and probably your local mechanic will say,  “Test your battery. Replace wiper blades. Check your tires. Pack an emergency kit.”


Some thoughts for you:

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” — Anton Chekhov

“This is a place where you can hear fall coming for miles.” — Charles Kuralt

“There are only two seasons — winter and baseball.” — Bill Veeck