There's something special about small town life, especially in communities like ours.

Over the years, we've found the people of Winchester and Clark to be as generous as they come.

We also have been proud to share the many stories of people helping people in our newspaper.

It seems our friendly little town and its people are getting a little recognition.

It was announced last week that Winchester was selected as the nicest place in Kentucky.

Winchester made the list of Reader's Digest 50 "Nicest Places in America."

The list was a result of a national crowdsourced effort to uncover places where people are kind and treat each other with respect, according to a news release.

Reader's Digest Editor-in-Chief Bruce Kelley said in the release over a submission period of 31 days, Reader's Digest collected a record number of submissions -- a final tally of 1,077 stories, nearly three times that of 2018 -- of places across America where people are kind, and civility is winning.

For the third annual search, Reader's Digest editors and a panel of judges narrowed the list to 50 finalists, one from each state.

Winchester is Kentucky's finalist. Clark Countian Lori Moore made the nomination, telling the story of how a friendly town gets into an unfriendly battle with polluters and wins.

Moore also wrote of town efforts to save a stray cat named Bob.

Public voting is now open and ends on July 21. One finalist will get a cover story in the November issue of Reader's Digest magazine. Reader's Digest will also feature nine other finalists.

For more information or to read complete stories of the finalists, visit

Sure, Winchester isn't perfect. No town is.

And our residents all have their good and bad days.

Regardless, we have witnessed first hand all the nice, generous, selfless, community-minded things our great residents do day in and day out.

We are proud to be included in this list of nice places around the country and hope the community with participate in the voting process.

Whether or not we make the cover of Reader's Digest, we're happy to be part of the nicest community in Kentucky, and we think that's a designation that is absolutely true.