In 2018, the General Assembly and Kentucky voters demonstrated their strong support for crime victims when they overwhelmingly adopted the Marsy’s Law constitutional amendment. Their intent was as clear as their message: “you deserve better, we support you, and your voice matters.” Victims w…

My journalism career began with a series of phone calls. I was about to graduate from Eastern Kentucky University, and I was eager to find a job following commencement.

I wrote in this space before the midterm that Donald Trump has a better than 50 percent chance of being re-elected in 2020. Since the results of the 2018 election rolled in, several people have asked if I feel the same way given the Democratic gains in the suburbs and upper Midwest.

President Donald Trump’s statement siding with Saudi Arabia on the issue of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi sent shockwaves through American media and Washington, D.C., raising questions about America’s commitment to holding accountable regimes that commit human-rights atrocities.

It is officially cold. There’s been frost on my car, I’ve got static in my hair and I have busted out my thick coat.

One of the most talked about issues in this election season at the local and state level is the rampant drug problem that is destroying people and families. The far-reaching effects of the drug problem go beyond the personal side, affecting employers, schools and law enforcement, just to nam…

I think Nike should capitalize on its logo by using the check mark to promote everyone’s civic duty.

Halloween is near, which means hoards of little, ghosts, ghouls and goblins will descend on Winchester in hopes of filling up their candy bags.

One of the funniest selling points I see on TV (when I watch shows with ads) is the rush delivery that is offered on a product that I did not know existed, much less needed only sixty seconds earlier. One of the more troubling things I see in my neighborhood now on Sundays is a mail carrier …

Hurricane Michael pummeled Florida last week and starting this week, locals are collecting items to help those in need in the southeast United States.

Hey Dawsonians! It’s National Newspaper Week. This year’s observance started Sunday and will continue through Saturday.  The observance is in its 78th year and aims to recognize employees and services of newspapers.

In case you didn’t read, the state attorney general’s office sided with this newspaper in our Open Meetings dispute against the school board.

Apparently, September has been named preparedness month.

More often than not there are enterprises within our communities that we know nothing about. But when little-known organizations have an outsized impact on improving lives, it becomes obligatory for everyone to know.

Kentucky used to be the land of four seasons, but the last few years, it’s felt like two seasons: winter and summer. Fall starts in a couple days, but summer weather will probably stick around for a while, even as the sunlight decreases.

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