The Dawson Springs City Council will meet in special session today (Sept. 17) in order to conduct second readings of Tax Rate Ordinance 2020-05 and the amended Golf Cart Ordinance 2020-06.

First readings of both ordinances were heard during the council’s regularly-scheduled meeting held on Tuesday evening.

According to Ordinance 2020-05, the City’s tax rate for the year 2020 shall be:

• 36.4 cents per $100 evaluation on all taxable real property.

• 61.46 cents per $100 evaluation on all taxable personal property.

• 19.0 cents per $100 evaluation on all motor vehicles.

• 2% discount allowed on all tax bills paid by October 31, 2020.

• 10% penalty and 6% interest on all tax bills paid after December 31, 2020.

• $5 advertising fee on all tax bills not paid by March 5, 2021.

As for the Golf Cart Ordinance, changes proposed during the first reading pertained to inspection and permits:

• $25 for each permit issued annually (previously $10 a year).

• subsequent permit renewals shall be due on or before January 1 (changed from July 1).

• any permits issued after January 1 shall not be prorated and will be subject to the full $25 fee.

• insurance and proof of inspection by a certified inspector shall be presented prior to the first official permit issued for a specific golf cart.

• subsequent renewals of the permit shall include the completion of an application, proof of insurance, and the $25 fee.

In other news, the council appointed or reappointed several Dawsonians to various boards and commissions:

• Jonathon Storms to the Hopkins County Library Board.

• Peggy Furgerson, Sarah Oglesby and Virginia Chaney to the Historic Commission.

• Kathy Nichols to the Water/Sewer Board.

• Steve Scott and Tammy Workman to the Code Enforcement Board.

• Shane Fortner to the Riverside Park Board.

The meeting concluded after a brief closed session to deliberate on the acquisition or sale of real property by a public agency and to discuss proposed or pending litigation. The meeting was adjourned just after the council vaguely voted unanimously against acquiring new office property.

No announcements were made in regards to discussions pertaining to pending or proposed litigation.