In the parking lot of White Plains City Hall last week, a group of people from different community organizations worked together to divide up the food the city donated to their organizations.

The City of White Plains was able to use left over CARES ACT money to donate around $2,600 of food and supplies to the White Plains Missionary Baptist Church, Hope 2 All and New Salem Baptist Church.

“The City was just blessed to be able to give back to the organizations that constantly give to our community,” said Krista Greer, clerk for the City of White Plains.

White Plains was granted two rounds of CARES ACT money in 2020, also known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, to use for expenditures accrued due to the public health emergency. Greer found out that at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 30, 2020 if the money was not all gone, it would go back into the system.

“We learned that the city could buy food and supplies and donate to food banks and churches that share within this type of system,” she said.

She and her co-workers worked to figure out how to put some of the money back into the community and they found out they could donate to community organizations.

White Plains Missionary Baptist Church operates a food pantry and provides hygiene necessities to the people in the community, according to Greer.

JD Holt, the pastor of the church, said they run a food pantry through the church to help people in White Plains, Nortonville and Madisonville and give out “quite a bit of food.”

“So many people right now are really suffering and going through a lot because of COVID-19,” Holt said.

Roger Grace, a member of White Plains Missionary Baptist Church, said it was wonderful the city was able to donate so much to help local organizations.

“It can be used to help so many different people,” said Grace.

New Salem Baptist Church was chosen because they have a youth service on Wednesday night with around 80 children participating and serve a meal afterwards, said Greer.

John Phillips, a member of New Salem Baptist Church, said what the city was doing was amazing and it would help them a lot on Wednesdays.

Hope 2 All also offers a food pantry and supplies to people in the community who need the help, said Greer, adding these organizations donate their time and help to the community all the time so it nice to be able to give back.

“We really wanted to be able to bless these organizations as they continuously bless our communities,” she said.