Apex Cleaning launches residential business

Brandon Buchanan | The Messenger

At the Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce in Madisonville on Oct. 22, Tabatha Adams and her daughter, Alexis, 4, cut the ribbon which marked Apex Cleaning’s expansion into residential cleaning. Also pictured are, back row, left to right, Codey Adams, April Biggs, Nichole Shipp and Tony Onan.

Apex Cleaning launched new services on Oct. 22 at the Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce, including offering help to cancer patients.

Open for nearly 20 years, owner Tabatha Adams said Apex has traditionally offered cleaning services exclusively for commercial businesses.

"In September, I made the decision to expand to the residential market. Today's ribbon-cutting is for the expansion of our residential services," she said that day. "I'm now getting these calls, do you clean homes, do you clean residential -- and the answer has always been no. So, we're going to give it a shot and see how it goes."

Adams said her father, Jack Driesbach, founded the company. However, in 2014, Driesbach passed away from cancer.

"In honor of my father, who passed away from cancer, Apex is partnering with a nationwide nonprofit group called Cleaning for a Reason," she said. "We will go into two homes a month to different cancer patients in Hopkins County. We will clean, sanitize and disinfect their home to give them a cleaner, safer environment for them to enjoy while they are fighting that battle."

In the summer, Adams said she wanted to find a way to honor her dad's memory through the company he started.

"I grew up watching him work day and night to make something to give to us kids when he did pass away," she said. "Being able to give back to an organization like Cleaning for a Reason and to citizens in our area that are going through the same thing that he went through -- I think, would just make him so proud."

Adams' mother, April Briggs, said she is so proud of her daughter.

"She has a heart of gold," she said. "She just wants to help people; she's been that way since she was little. She's always had the biggest heart, and I'm glad for her willingness to help the community."

These new opportunities are inspiring for Adams. She said during the ribbon-cutting that she hopes to take house cleaning off the cancer patient's plate.

"We have been in talks with the Mahr Center, their nurses and some of their social service workers," she said.

Apex Cleaning started their free service this month and recently cleaned the home of Aubrey Marvel.

"She did a deep clean. I have a 2-year-old, so I really wanted my carpets cleaned well," said Marvel. "A good dusting, my countertops, she just did everything, a good deep clean of my whole house."

Marvel, who has a rare chronic blood cancer called essential

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thrombocytosis, said she doesn't feel like she deserved the cleaning.

"I do have cancer, but there are other people who have worse situations than I do," she said while fighting back the tears. "It was nice to have somebody want to help because I'm exhausted all the time. My disease makes me tired, and then I'm on oral chemo, even though it's not super hard on you, like IV chemo. I'm just tired all the time. It was nice not to worry about cleaning my house."

Cleaning for a Reason wants cancer patients to focus on their health and treatment while the cleaners help alleviate the worry and work of cleaning their home.

"We are doing this because we want to help people," said Adams. "No money is exchanged. People fighting cancer are sick enough, they're weak and most of them can't take care of themselves, let alone their entire home. Anybody who is currently battling or undergoing treatment for cancer can qualify."

Apex will be assigned two patients and clean their homes for two months, after which Adams said they will be assigned other patients.

"Two individuals will get their home cleaned for two months in a row, and then they will rotate to the bottom of the list," she said. "That way, we have a chance to service more individuals with cancer, and everybody has an opportunity to experience this gift we are giving the community."

To apply for the free services provided by Apex, cancer patients can go to cleaningforareason.org and submit an application and provide documentation that they are a cancer patient, said Adams.