In an agenda devoid of old and new business, the Dawson Springs City Council conducted their regularly-scheduled November meeting virtually on Tuesday evening in just under six minutes and 48 seconds.

The council did entertain visitor Lindsey Morgan, owner and Master Stylist at Beauty Shop on the Square. According to the city’s by-laws, after asking to be placed on the meeting’s agenda, visitors are limited to three minutes when addressing the council.

At the conclusion of their meeting in October, the council was deadlocked 3-3 when voting on a proposal to demolish the old Hayes warehouse on Railroad Avenue, which has been crumbling since June. Mayor Chris Smiley issued a “nay” vote against the demolition in order to break the tie, as also dictated by city ordinance.

In a special-called meeting on November 2, parameters surrounding the proposed demolition had changed, including a lower bid of $15,000 by local contractor Ware Enterprises to raze the structure, as well as a $5,000 contribution by Morgan’s landlord. Considering the new factors into play, the council voted unanimously to accept the bid to demolish the privately-owned building, which is adjacent to Morgan’s salon.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Morgan used her three minutes to read a letter she had penned to thank the six council members for “standing up for small business” in the revote. For the past five months, the condition of the dilapidated warehouse has had the potential of closing Beauty Shop on the Square due to its falling debris. Local utility companies have advised Morgan that they may have to disconnect her utilities due to safety hazards — which would also force her to close her doors.

“I want to thank each one of the council members personally and publicly,” said Morgan. “Whether it was your first vote or your last vote, I am proud to live in, serve in, and own a business in a town where small businesses are valued.”

“Running a small business is difficult and challenging, just as holding an elected position is difficult and challenging,” Morgan said.

“But both, I know from personal experience, can be rewarding far beyond just smiling and shaking hands, casting the easy vote, and making the popular decisions.”

Morgan filled a vacant seat on the Dawson Springs Board of Education after the resignation of Cliff Key, and was elected by the voters of Dawson Springs to serve her own term which concludes next month.

“I’m so incredibly grateful that all six of you continued to listen, continued to have those difficult and important conversations, and continued to work toward a solution,” said Morgan. “My prayer is that we continue to serve our community with the compassion, respect, and humility that I have always known to be the trademark of true Dawsonians.”

In the mayoral comments section of the agenda, Smiley announced that “all holiday events are cancelled due to COVID-19.”

The next meeting of the Dawson Springs City Council will be held on December 15 at 5:30 p.m.