Name: Joe R. Allen Jr.

Age: 69

Occupation: Retired and candidate for Dawson Springs City Council

What’s the biggest issue the city faces? How will you solve it?:  At this time Dawson Springs, like most other small municipalities, is faced with a very tight budget and operating costs rising every year. I feel we have to do whatever is possible to maintain and improve the city’s infrastructure, including street maintenance, water and sewer along with police and fire protection. I know there are many other issues on the table as I have been approached by many people what I would do about them. As a new candidate, if elected one of my first priorities will be to study the current situation and see what options might be available to be able to improve on these and other items. This may require a hard look at changing levels of funding for some line items. This having been said, I do realize there is no magic bullet for instantly fixing these and other issues. Most will require formulating long term plans and implementing them.

Why should you be elected?: I have been a citizen of Dawson Springs since 1959 and graduated from our school system in 1967. During this time I have seen both the ups and downs of our community and would very much like to be a part of putting us back on the road upward. Being retired now and having available time I feel it is my time to pay back to our city as others have done.