The 139th annual St. Jerome Fancy Farm Picnic attracted huge crowds Saturday who flocked to the church fundraiser for mouth-watering barbecue and to watch Kentucky candidates argue their case, trade insults and share punchlines.

This year's lineup boasted appearances from Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, his Democratic challenger, Attorney General Andy Beshear, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, state legislators, state supreme court candidates and others seeking office in the commonwealth.

Here are some of the most memorable remarks made from the podium:

"We have a huge crowd today. Some of those in attendance today aren't even Kentucky citizens. They've been bused in across the Ohio River today as if they care about what takes place in Kentucky politics."

• Sen. Stan Humphries, R-Cadiz

"Andy Beshear may have won the sign battle today, but he will lose the war in November."

• Rep. Richard Heath, R-Mayfield

"I saved the Supreme Court for a generation by blocking President Obama's nominees and led the way for Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Now, Washington liberals … responded by targeting me. They hand picked Amy 'McGaffe' • oh, I mean McGrath. She sends her regrets. She's still working up an answer on Brett Kavanaugh with her friends at MSNBC."

• Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

"Thank you, St. Jerome and thank you, Fancy Farm • and thank you to the governor for finally showing up. I guess we got to thank the Koch brothers, too, for letting him. I guess they didn't tell him that Fancy Farm wasn't one of their fancy resorts. We hope you enjoyed Aspen, governor."

• Attorney General Andy Beshear, Democratic candidate for governor

"I can tell you we've seen some phenomenal fireworks from both sides of the aisle today, but I can tell you it is no coincidence that Fancy Farm happened during 'Shark Week,' right? I think I've seen more attacks here than I've seen on the Discovery Channel."

• Heather French Henry, Democratic candidate for secretary of state

"Unlike members of the dynastic Democratic political machine, like Andy Beshear and Jacqueline Coleman, I wasn't born on third base with a silver spoon in my mouth. I wasn't groomed for this like it was some sort of birthright."

• Sen. Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor

"Senator Alvarado, what does it feel like to be running with the least popular governor in the country? That sounds like political malpractice to me, but Ralph you know a lot more about malpractice than I do."

• Jacqueline Coleman, Democratic lieutenant governor candidate

"It was a little dangerous getting on the stage today because I nearly tripped over the leash that the Russians put on Mitch McConnell. I see that the senator is no longer here. I'm sure that the Russians needed him more than we did • probably to teach him some new tricks. I wouldn't know what. He already knows how to roll over."

• Michael Bowman, Democratic candidate for state treasurer

"I'm a Kentucky Democrat. Kentucky Democrats love their God. Kentucky Democrats love their family. Kentucky Democrats love this land. Kentucky Democrats love this state and Kentucky Democrats love this country."

• Robert Conway, Democratic candidate for agriculture commissioner

"Greg Stumbo is like the milk that you have in the back of your refrigerator. This carton has been spoiling for over 30 years. And folks? And folks? And folks? When you open it up, it smells terrible."

• Daniel Cameron, Republican candidate for attorney general

"We say to Andy Beshear, Amy McGrath, the 'Squad' and all other liberals like them • 'You can keep your blue wave and your Green New Deal. We're going to keep our bluegrass and our green rolling hills.'"

• State Treasurer Allison Ball, Republican