Listed on the agenda for the board of education meeting on Monday, Oct. 21, at was a letter written by state Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis and addressed to school districts across the commonwealth.

The letter outlines Kentucky Revised Statutes 158.183 and 158.195 and lists the language. KRS 158.186 requires that Lewis distribute the information to the local school board.

KRS 158.183 is known as the "Student Bill of Rights." This part of legislature describes the freedoms by which a person can express themselves at school and is consistent with both federal and state constitutions. The piece of legislation also outlines what students and parents should do to lodge a complaint if they feel their rights were infringed upon.

KRS 158.195 is known as the "In God We Trust" legislation. This requires every elementary and secondary school to display the national motto, In God We Trust, in a prominent location at the school.

"I fully anticipate we're meeting the letter of the law on that," Dawson Springs Superintendent Lenny Whalen said at the beginning of the meeting.

The motto is displayed on the front door of the elementary school office and on an entry window at the jr./sr. high school.