Name: C.B. Embry Jr.

Age: 77

Occupation: state senator

As a former Mayor and Judge/Executive I am aware of the concerns local governments face. I feel their main concern is having the funding for needed local government services and for economic development activities.  While local governments have their own sources of funding, if they apply to the Department for Local Government (DLG) for state grants for needed projects, I am always ready to support those applications. As for any proposed legislation to help local governments, I must point out that no legislator has the power alone to control any issue or legislative proposal.  All actions in the Kentucky General Assembly is by majority vote.  I have a good working relationship with both Republican and Democrat legislators for I treat everyone with courtesy and respect. I have awards on the walls of my office in Frankfort from the Kentucky League of Cities for my long-time support of local governments.  I will continue to work on their behalf.