Name:  Joe Blue

Age: 49

Occupation: Retired Hopkins County Jailer

What’s the biggest issue the county faces and how will you solve it?: The biggest issue the County is facing is the pension funding requirements.   House Bill 362 has stated the contribution rates can increase up to 12% per year for the next ten years.   Also the reduction of coal severance funds has decreased in our community and the costs of employee benefits continue to rise.  My experience as previous Jailer gives me the knowledge and proven history of working within budget and thinking outside the box to save money for operating costs and continue with services.  I look forward to working with other elected officials of the county to explore ways to continue to save money with a combination of resourcefulness and new ideas.  If elected I want to research county employees’ benefits and the costs associated with what is provided to assure the County is investing its money wisely for our valuable employees.

Why should you be elected?:  My demonstrated leadership, ingenuity and cost savings history are needed for the enrichment and development of our community.  I have the experience as a public servant for 27 years (Jailer, Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Jailer).   As an Elected Jailer for 12 years I had the responsibility and oversight of a multi-million dollar budget and facility.  Each year I came under budget saving tax payers’ monies with new ideas and new ways of thinking.  I would like to continue working with all of our communities and other elected officials by utilizing the experience and professional relationships that I have established over the years. I will be honored to represent the citizens of Hopkins County as your full time Judge Executive.