Golfers continue to improve

Addison Whalen, a member of the Dawson Springs High School  golf team, drives the ball on hole No. 6 at Calvert City Country Club on Monday, July 30, in a match against Christian Fellowship. Whalen was one of four golfers to record their personal best scores for 9-hole matches. photo by Scott Dillingham

The Dawson Springs High School golf team got some competitive play in on Monday during a 9-hole match against University Heights Academy at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park golf course.

The match was originally slated for Hopkinsville Golf & Country Club, but was moved to Pennyrile. Then, the numbers just weren’t there for an actual match.

“We had a boys team; they didn’t have enough for a team,” said coach Scott Dillingham. “They had a girls team; but we didn’t have enough for a team. So there were actually no winners.”

UHA’s Weston Wood had the best 9-hole score for the boys with 36 strokes. The other two Blazer golfers followed: Kendall Doer with 37 and Jiles Wyatt with 42.

“UHA’s boys really played well,” Dillingham said.

Addison Whalen led the way for the Panthers. He was one of four players to record their personal best for 9 holes of play. Whalen had 45, Trey Blanchard had 49, Ethan Huddleston had 51 and Carlton McCuison had 52.

Brennen Cunningham rounded out the scores with 55. Senior Connor Ames “was playing well,” but stopped play after 8 holes due to a finger injury.

Maddie Huddleston played against the Blazer girls. She fared well with a 52, but UHA’s Reagan Lindsey had the top girl score with 50 strokes. The Blazer girls scores were Riley Johnson 52, Vallie Smith, 58, Jessah Hayden 62, Sloan Hampton 62 and Lexi Johnson 68.

“Except for a hole here and there, all our players played pretty well,” Dillingham said. “They all are continuing to improve ... It’s the little things they need to focus on. For some it’s putting, for others it’s keeping the ball in play, and for others it’s learning to play from the sand traps. This is good. They are starting to understand golf is far more than hitting the ball as hard and as far as you can every time.”

The Panthers will get more chances to improve with upcoming matches.

The team will host Todd County Central on Thursday at Pennyrile.

Members will then compete Saturday in the Class A Regionals at Deer Lakes.

The Panthers will play at Deer Lakes again on Monday in a match against Crittenden.

“We are so proud of the improvement our kids are showing but most of all we are very happy with the way other teams enjoy playing with us,” Dillingham said. “Our kids know how to act and they know how to treat others. We hear compliments from every coach and from opposing players’ parents.”