Politics is a subject that seems to be everywhere. Everyday, we are bombarded with an outpouring of news from both left and right wing political parties. The extreme bias often leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the common man, making him not want to be involved in politics all together.

This needs to change.

America created itself on a basis that the people, not some hierarchy, would be the voice governing the nation. We have allowed our narrative to be changed by simply not being involved.

Dawson Springs is a town that I grew up in, and a place that always holds a special place in my heart. However, the town suffers from wide- spread poverty. Dawson had almost 40% of residence falling below the poverty line in 2016.

For these fathers, mothers, and children, SNAP (formerly food stamps) is what allows them to have at least one good meal a day. SNAP is currently under attack. The House of Representative’s version of the farm bill makes several harmful cuts to SNAP, which means food would be taken from the mouths of our community members.

I hope our community will be inspired to call our Representative, James Comer, and ask him to please protect SNAP and oppose any harmful cuts.

Our voices were meant to rule the nation. I think its time we are heard.

Aiden Reece

Richmond, Ky.

Sept. 6, 2018