Kentucky used to be the land of four seasons, but the last few years, it’s felt like two seasons: winter and summer. Fall starts in a couple days, but summer weather will probably stick around for a while, even as the sunlight decreases.

I enjoy learning new things about people, and since Laura Garrett started working here at The Progress less than a month ago, I’ve gotten to know her better.

“Back to School” is a time of year stressful for students and parents alike. However, going back to school for some is a relief. Going to Dawson Springs Independent Schools means that every student is guaranteed a “free” lunch. While I was still in high school, the school system was able to …

Politics is a subject that seems to be everywhere. Everyday, we are bombarded with an outpouring of news from both left and right wing political parties. The extreme bias often leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the common man, making him not want to be involved in politics all together.

A big thank you to all those who contributed in any way to making this year’s Back to School Bash a success.  Thanks to Dr. Pepper of Madisonville for donating the event’s drinks and Food Giant of Dawson Springs for accommodating us with a very reasonable price on hot dogs and buns.  Also, w…

Every person has been on their own roller coaster ride. It’s called Life. It’s definitely at an amusement park.

If you haven’t met me at a local function or business, then you’ve likely seen me walking (and on rainy days — driving) up to the school every weekday afternoon. On the return trip to my office, I have two little dudes in tow.

I was absolutely thrilled to see that both local site-based decision-making councils were given Open Meetings and Open Records Laws to review.

Editor’s Note: Following the receipt of this letter, this newspaper received a call from Mayor Jenny Sewell. Court Kull, the president of Southern Indiana division of Fifth-Third Bank, called Sewell on Friday. He said the bank is looking for “more efficient ways to deploy our capital,” and t…

My favorite month has arrived! We’ve been lucky enough to get a few cool nights lately; that really breaks up some of the humid heat. I think we might need some rain as the water at the mill dam is low.

In science fiction movies ecological disasters always involve something a bit more titillating -- killer bees or genetically modified piranhas decimate the church picnic to the consternation of the local Chamber of Commerce.

As a member of the Dawson Springs Rotary Club, I signed up for a shift to sell Dawson Springs Barbecue raffle tickets at Food Giant the day before the Barbecue.

On Saturday, Kentucky’s politicos and their supporters will converge on Fancy Farm, home of St. Jerome’s Catholic Parish and its famous political stump-speaking event.

President Donald Trump’s nomination of eminently qualified, mainstream conservative Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court -- combined with the predictable Democratic outrage machine -- has put red state Democratic US senators in a political box: side with their constituents or with the clo…

I have mastered the art of comforting a teething baby, but as of Sunday, I will now have to learn a different art: pulling teeth.

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