The following food service establishment inspections were conducted by the Hopkins County Health Department through Nov. 30:

Veterans Center Kitchen — 100

KFC — 98

Minor violations include grease on wall behind deep fryers and grease on floor beneath deep fryers.

The Crowded House — 98

A violation was the inside lip of ice machine needs cleaning.

Subway (truck stop) — 100

Pilot Travel Center Deli — 99

A violation was debris build-up beneath shelving in walk-in coolers.

Hampton Inn Kitchen — 100

Wildfire Pizza (new location) — 100

*South Main Family Diner — 95 (follow-up required)

Violations were prep cooler not holding proper temp, drink nozzles need cleaning and employee’s purse touching cooking utensils.

The Paragon of Madisonville — 100

Silver Star Burgers — 97

Violations were floor beneath syrup stand needs cleaning and scoop handles touching food product.

Lighthouse Church Kitchen —  100

Tootsie’s Diner — 98

A violation was eggs improperly stored in walk-in cooler.

The Oak’s Personal Care Kitchen — 98

Violations were floor in kitchen needs repairing, grease build-up on floor and grease build-up on wall behind stove.

Burger King (north) — 99

A violation was grease/food spillage on floor.

Fazoli’s — 100

Tommy D’s — 98

A violation was bottom of salad bowl touching food product.

Baymont Inn/Suites Kitchen — 100

Ideal Market Deli (Earlington)   — 100

Wal-Mart Deli — 100

Cracker Barrel — 97

Violations were single-service items stored on floor, dish baskets stored on floor, floor in freezer needs cleaning, large can opener needs cleaning and food spillage in prep cooler.