AT&T announces fixed wireless Internet for ‘parts of Dawson Springs’

Hood Harris, president of AT&T Kentucky, holds up a wireless antenna on Thursday, June 28, during an announcement made at the Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

By Melissa Larimore

AT&T has launched a fixed wireless Internet product and some folks with a Dawson Springs mailing address may have access to the technology.

Hood Harris, president of AT&T Kentucky, and some AT&T retail store employees were on hand Thursday when Harris announced the product’s availability in Hopkins County and “other rural and underserved or unserved areas.” Harris made the announcement at the Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce office in Madisonville.

Harris said parts of Madisonville, Dawson Springs, Hanson, Nebo, Nortonville and White Plains have access. Hundreds of households that did not have Internet access should now have it, Harris said.

“It is important for Hopkins County to enjoy the type of high-speed Internet access which improves the quality of life for our residents and makes our communities more attractive to potential employers,” said Joe Blue, who currently serves as executive director of the chamber of commerce.

The Internet connection of fixed wireless originates on a current cellphone tower or various new and upcoming towers for Internet purposes. Five new towers will be constructed, officials said.

“The towers used to provide this service are connected to AT&T’s network using AT&T fiber optics,” according to a news release from AT&T.

The Internet is available to those who are in one of the areas selected by the Federal Communications Commission, which picks areas based on census data. Customers will put a fixed antenna on their home or business and get Internet “with download speeds of at least 10Mbps and upload speeds of at least 1Mbps,” according to the release.

On its own, the Internet would cost the customer $60 a month or $50 a month with a bundle.

This type of Internet service has been launched in 18 states. Portions of 51 of Kentucky’s 120 counties have access. To see if your home or business is eligible for fixed wireless Internet, visit   or call 877-990-0041. Employees in the retail stores can also assist with questions.

“Our residents and business-owners have made their voices heard,” said state Sen. C.B. Embry, R-Morgantown, “and my colleagues and I are working hard to create an environment where we will see more announcements like this – more announcements that infrastructure is being deployed to extend access to high-speed Internet to families across our community.”


Editor’s Note:

After entering various, random street addresses into the search tool at, it seems as the product is not available to those within the city limits.

Some addresses from areas north, south, east and west from the city that still have Dawson Springs mailing addresses were also entered into the search tool.

An address north in the 500 block of Fergusontown Road had availability, but no other entered addresses west, east or south of town could be found with availability.

If you need help determining if there is availability at your home, contact AT&T by phone at 877-990-0041 or by stopping in at a retail store.