The Dawson Springs Elementary School site-based decision-making council, which recently welcomed new members, had to cancel its meeting Monday due to lack of quorum.

This would have been the first official meeting with Lauren Cunningham and James Schultz as new teacher members.

The council needs at least two teachers and one parent in attendance to conduct business.

Barbara P’Poole, a teacher member, recently announced plans to resign from the council. She will continue as a member until plans for a replacement can be made.

Following last month’s meeting on June 18, parent member Leslie Petit informed Principal Jennifer Ward that she would also like to leave the council.

Plans for elections and the council’s next meeting will be announced soon.

The jr./sr. high school will have its SBDM council meeting at 3:15 p.m. today in the media center at the school. The meeting will feature new principal Todd Marshall.